What Is The Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign?

The aims of MAGC are simple, to discourage the public from giving cash to people on the street and encourage them to donate that cash to collecting tins in local shops.  The money collected from these tins by volunteers and additional donations online are given back to vulnerable people in Moseley in the form of discretionary grants up to the value of £200.

 MAGC grants can be for anything the vulnerable person needs to access housing (such as replacement ID or travel expenses) or for something for vulnerable  people to maintain a housing placement (such as furnishings or emergency service charge money).  The grant forms must be co-signed by a key worker, which ensures the vulnerable person has also made contact with someone who can provide ongoing contact and support.

 The Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign was set up in response to residents’ concerns regarding homelessness, begging, and anti-social behaviour, often alcohol-related, in and around Moseley. The campaign provides a way to help people in genuine need, while also helping end incidents of intimidation or deception. We encourage residents to donate via collecting tins rather than giving directly to people asking for money on the street.
The money collected is then distributed in the form of a grant, via a panel and a referral by a professional worker, to address, where possible, the immediate and, hopefully, the longer term needs of people who may find themselves on the streets, due to issues such as homelessness, alcohol or drug addiction, family problems, or mental illness.

If you wish to join our volunteers please email magc@moseleycdt.com for more information or come and see us on the stall!